Unhappy with your smile

What is it about your smile that makes you unhappy? Gaps? Chipped teeth? Discolouration? Do you want straighter teeth? It could be any number of things, and hating your smile is a horrible position to be in.
The importance of your smile cannot be overstated – it’s the first thing that many people will notice about you, can leave a lasting impression on strangers and friends alike, and plays a key role in your confidence and self-esteem. If you are lacking confidence in your smile it will show!
At Gunyah Dental we want you to have a smile you love! You might not think it’s possible, or that it’s far outside your financial means but we will always do our utmost to help you regain confidence in your appearance. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental services that can be performed to get your smile exactly where you want it, with solutions ranging from the simplest techniques through to full smile makeovers. We provide a number of finance options to help you fund your new smile too.
The treatment options listed below are commonly utilised in the process of creating your beautiful, long lasting smile:

General dentistry

General dentistry may be required to achieve good oral health and to provide a strong and healthy foundation for any cosmetic work. This often involves spending time with our hygienist/oral therapist to secure the health of the gums and supporting tissues.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening might be the only thing you need to get a great smile, and is an easy solution to stained or discoloured teeth.

Cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic bonding involves the use of dental composite resin to reshape your teeth. Composite is applied and shaped directly on to your teeth – you’ll get the artistic touch of our team to enhance your appearance! Bonding is a cheaper alternative to veneers, often requiring minimal tooth preparation. They don’t always last as long as veneers but are easily replaced.


Veneers - minor cosmetic flaws such as chips, cracks, gaps in-between the teeth and minor malocclusion, can be corrected with ceramic veneers to create a uniform, straight, natural-looking, healthy smile.


Crowns or CEREC restorations may be needed to correct more severe instances of decay or damage. These restorations are tooth-coloured to blend in with the surrounding teeth

Bridges and dental implants

Bridges and dental implants may be used to replace missing teeth and restore a full smile.
If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to take steps to improve it, we can help. We design our treatment plans around each individual’s needs, and no two smile makeovers are the same. This commitment to personalised treatment allows us to deliver great results. To arrange a consultation, contact our practice today to speak with one of our dental professionals.