Children's dentistry

Our team of dentists provide empathetic and gentle dental care for all children, from tots to teens!
Our dental team works hard to create a fun and positive dental experience for our young patients making them feel safe, comfortable and constantly reassured during their visits. Dental decay is the most prevalent chronic illness in the western world but is totally preventable. We all believe that armed with the right knowledge and oral care skills from a young age, our children can go on to enjoy a cavity-free life.
We provide a number of valuable services for our younger patients, all with a strong focus on prevention, including:
  • regular check ups, cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • toothbrushing and oral care instruction
  • nutritional advice
  • protective sealants
  • restorative treatment including tooth coloured fillings (we are an amalgam free practice)
  • thumbsucking advice and aids
  • mouthguards


We participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). We are HCF providers and we have Hicaps for immediate processing of private health cover claims. We also offer reduced fees should payment be required for children’s treatment