Our standards and technology – investing in your best care

Providing the best possible care is important to us at Gunyah Dental. We are constantly improving our practice by using the most advanced technology available. The state-of-the-art equipment used in our dental practice allows us to provide effective, comfortable and convenient treatments carried out to the highest standard.


We are an accredited dental practice and have demonstrated how we incorporated the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards into our existing quality systems. Accreditation is not compulsory but by choosing to achieve accreditation we have demonstrated a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the practice environment.

Digital X-Rays

Low dose digital x-rays have surpassed previously used film x-rays as they are safer, more accurate and more efficient. Digital X-rays can be developed much faster than traditional X-rays and you are exposed to 80-90% less radiation. This reduction in exposure makes it much safer for you, as well as our team. Digital X-rays give us a highly detailed view of your teeth, helping us to give you a more accurate diagnosis and because the images can be enlarged and displayed on a computer screen, we can review them with you easily. By using digital radiography we have eliminated the need for film developing chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Health & safety

At Gunyah Dental we take your safety very seriously. We work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for our patients. We have installed a state of the art decontamination and sterilisation suite. We have equipment and methods for instrument sterilisation and storage that ensure we consistently achieve and indeed exceed the standards for QIP Accreditation.

Magnification dentistry

Our dentists use high magnification loupes as routine and dental operating microscopes as required. This allows us to see with optimum clarity and enables us to work to the finest detail. All endodontic (root canal) treatments are carried out under the high levels of magnification achieved by the use of dental operating microscopes.

Digital dentistry

We lead the profession in the digital dentistry revolution. We have impression-free scanners, digitally guided implant placement, Invisalign scanning, and smile simulation software.


CEREC is a system of CAD/CAM dentistry and is a great way to obtain custom-made ceramic restorations, such as crowns, inlays, onlays and some bridges in just one visit. The restoration will be colour-matched to your surrounding teeth, polished and attached to the affected tooth. CEREC same-day milling technology is known for its accuracy, precision and extraordinary convenience for patients. CEREC technology has helped our patients benefit from the principles of biomimetic and minimally-invasive dentistry.
CEREC is an ongoing success story and we are thrilled to have been part of the CEREC revolution for over 15 years, not only by providing these excellent restorations for our patients but also by teaching and mentoring dentists in the benefits of CADCAM dentistry on both sides of the world.

Minimally invasive dentistry

At Gunyah Dental we employ minimally invasive techniques to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible, and using the latest resin bonded materials and CEREC technology we are able to help our patients benefit from the principles of biomimetic dentistry.

Biomimetic Dentistry

This revolutionary form of restorative dentistry is based on copying or mimicking nature and involves using tooth restorations and techniques that imitate natural teeth, both in appearance and function. Biomimetic Dentistry is the most current, science supported approach to treating weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion. The use of advanced and specialised ceramics, composite materials, dental adhesives and precision CEREC CAD CAM manufacturing techniques has given us the potential to make restored teeth last significantly longer.

Mercury free dentistry

Many people are concerned about the inclusion of mercury and other metals in their fillings. This practice is mercury free. We use modern, metal free techniques to create a restoration that is durable, comfortable and looks totally natural. We can use composite or CEREC restorations to restore teeth or replace existing metal fillings.